‘Bollywood’s losses from 2020 could carry over to 2021’

In an article by PTI in the Indian Express, trade observer Himesh Mankad has stated that Bollywood’s losses from 2020 could carry over next year.

The article states that on a yearly basis, total Hindi films earnings would have been about Rs 3,000 crore but they stand at Rs 500-600 crore only. So we have lost out on making at least Rs 1,700-2,000 crore. It is a notional loss since 2020 films will release in 2021.

“(But) there will be interest costs, overhead costs, because of which each film’s budget could go up by Rs 5 crore-15 crore. This can be called added expenditure”, Himesh Mankad has told PTI. He has added that the ripple effect will be felt for a while.

“Films will face competition week-by-week and their run will be cut short. Besides, the pandemic is still here so occupancy won’t reach 100 per cent in cinema halls. The fear psychosis will persist till we get a vaccine”, says Mankad.

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