‘The freshness and vitality of KK’s songs made him stand out’

Remembering singer KK, an article in BBC points out that what made KK stand out was the freshness and vitality of his songs.

So while Bollywood was churning out one romantic ballad after another, KK’s early hits such as Pyaar ke Pal, Yaaron Dosti, and Chod Aaye Hum Woh Galiyan – which continue to be among his most popular songs – spoke of friendship, the fickleness of life and that bittersweet thing called nostalgia, says an article on the BBC site.

“Whether we’re there or not tomorrow, we’ll remember these moments, these are moments of love. So come with me. Don’t think a lot as life’s short. We’ll be very lucky if we unite tomorrow. And even if we don’t, we’ll still remember these moments,” he crooned in Pyaar Ke Pal, his smooth and flexible voice climbing the highest notes effortlessly.

The song became an anthem, hummed at hundreds of parties and performed at college festivals, adds the site.

In some ways, it represented the vast gap between generations, and of the new millennial way of life that thrived on friendships. His superhit Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe (which he sang with the energetic Shaan and Shankar Mahadevan) from Dil Chahta Hai further solidified this image.

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