Watching Ramayan takes Arun Mandola back to childhood

Many cult shows have made a comeback on TV during this lockdown. Actor Arun Mandola says that watching Ramayan on the screen once again is reminding him of his childhood. “Honestly speaking, old is gold. Old television shows are back today because of the lockdown and I feel that these old shows like Ramayana or other TV shows remind me of my past and this feeling was incredible.”

“I remember when I was a child, Shaktiman Ramayana Chandrakanta, Shriman Shrimati, Hum Paanch; these types of shows would come. People used to vanish from the streets when these shows would be on. Because of the lockdown again, people are watching these shows and the roads are silent. So this is reminding me of my childhood. I feel these are my golden days. Somewhere we all are facing difficulties but I am positive and I see positivity behind this,” he says.

The actor adds that the lockdown has changed his life, but for the better. “I use to think always how foreigners work, like – they wash utensils, they clean their houses, cook is how our lives have also become after the lockdown. Actually, coronavirus has made me more punctual and more hardworking. Now, I am very self-dependent. I am washing utensils, cleaning my house, etc. I am doing everything without any complaints. Now, I am more understanding to other people and have become more sensitive towards society. I am also talking to my family every day and strengthening my relationship with them,” he says.

However, he has plans in place for once the lockdown is over. “I want to go to the temple and I want to thank God that I am alive. The second thing that I will do is go home and spend time with my family,” he says.

Meanwhile, the actor is making sure to make the most of his time at home. “During these quarantine days, my focus is to learn things and make future plans and strategies. I workout, pray, clean the house and watch motivational videos,” he says.

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