Ranveer Singh and Prasanth Varma part ways on Rakshas due to creative differences

In a recent development, Ranveer Singh and director Prasanth Varma have officially confirmed that they have parted ways on their upcoming film, ‘Rakshas’. The news was announced through a joint statement released by the duo and Mythri Movie Makers, the production house behind the project.

The statement revealed that the decision to part ways was due to creative differences between the two. Ranveer Singh expressed his admiration for Prasanth Varma, stating that he is a unique talent and that they will collaborate on an exciting venture in the future. Prasanth Varma, in turn, acknowledged Ranveer Singh’s exceptional energy and talent, adding that their paths will cross again in the future.

The statement also emphasized that both parties had pure intentions in bringing the project to fruition, but sometimes things aren’t meant to align at a particular moment in time. The team remains optimistic about their future collaborations, having parted ways with a shared commitment to work together in the future.

This development marks the end of Ranveer Singh’s involvement in ‘Rakshas’, which was initially planned to be directed by Prasanth Varma and star Ranveer Singh. The project has been shelved due to the creative differences between the two. Despite the setback, both Ranveer Singh and Prasanth Varma have expressed their enthusiasm for future collaborations.

The news has been met with mixed reactions from fans and industry insiders, who are eager to see what the future holds for these talented individuals.

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